Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Innocence Project.

I came across a piece on cnn about a man called Jerry Miller who spent 25 years in jail for rape. He was released cos DNA evidence showed that he couldn't have been the one that committed the offence.
It got me thinking about how many people have been imprisoned falsely or those on death row or those who have already been executed.
The life of one person is decided by a jury of about twelve people who have to vote and decide whether a man is guilty or not guilty.
I'm naturally a jaded person and I don't believe in there being "no smoke without fire".
I investigated more and I came across the Innocence Project, who are dedicated to exonerating wrongfully convicted people through DNA.
On their website, there is a list of people who have been exonerated and the list is endless. For me it's a very sad subject. Only God can imagine the rejection they receive when they are imprisoned, both from their families and their committees.
All I can say is, I bloody hope they receive good compensation.

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