Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Birthday......

So June 1st is my buffday and though the big 30 is still a bit far's in the nearest future. It's amazing how time goes by quickly when you're loving life...........cos I'm living my life like it's golden......
Even though I'm not dreading it......I'm not exactly looking forward to it. But I'm glad to be alive.
I'm in the middle of exams and I'm going to need a major distraction when I'm done. Cos an idol mind is the Devils they say.

June Baby...........


Thinks far with vision.
Easily influenced by kindness.
Polite and soft-spoken.
Having lots of ideas.
Active mind.
Hesitating, tends to delay.
Choosy and always wants the best.
Funny and humorous.
Loves to joke.
Good debating skills.
Knows how to make friends.
Able to show character.
Easily hurt.
Prone to getting colds.
Loves to dress up.
Easily bored.
Seldom shows emotions.
Takes time to recover when hurt.
Brand conscious.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Freak show................

So yesterday after my exams, I was on my way to work on the tube when I saw this bald guy that had like a million and one piercings all over his face.

There were so many that all I saw was so so metal everywhere. He also had those black, red and green tattoos on his arms… was just a grotesque sight. Unfortunately for me, he caught me staring and snarled at me.

I hate it myself when I see people staring, but I couldn’t help myself. And it got me wondering why he was vexing cos I was staring at him. If you look like that, then I’m going to stare.
I mean, you can’t roll out of your house looking like that and expect everything to be honky dory and not get stares from people. If you decide to look like that, then I’m sorry but you’re looking for trouble.

Well I mean, I guess it’s a matter of free choice, and it’s a free world (so they say) but nevertheless, if you want to look like that, then you have to know that you don’t exist on this planet alone. I mean, these people have families, friends…..and you can’t tell me that their families all feel that it is ok to look like that.

If you are concerned about these people in your lives, then you have to be willing to be concerned about their feelings as well. Imagine in a country like naija, where most parents are very traditional. Imagine your son or daughter rocking up with piercings and tattoos all over their bodies……the first thing they’ll tell you is to stop embarrassing them and embarrassing yourself.

God knows my mother would brush me black and blue, till the devil was beaten out of me.
If you still insist on doing it in front of people you care about, then maybe you don’t really care about them.

So really, all I’m saying is that one should think before they go looking for trouble…….piercing their eyes, ears, noses, lips, eyebrows, cheekbones and shit……..leave it for the carnival or when there’s one of those festivals where you can express yourself.
If you still insist on being different…..then really, don’t vex when I stare at you.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Oyibo people too dey vex.......

So a couple of days ago, I was at work and my oyibo colleague emailed me a pic of him holding a baby….. I come dey wonder….…so I emailed him back and said “ paedophiles go to jail”......

Well obviously it was a joke, but the guy come dey vex……..he was vexing seriously ooo…..I apologised and told him I was joking jor……this was over a week ago........and he’s still ignoring me…….

Anyways, wetin come concein me.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Somebody Someday..............

Is it just me, or is the fear of failure some scary ass shit?
I know I’m going to be successful in this life for as long as God keeps me alive, but I still have that niggling doubt that I will fall flat on my face (God forbid sha)….so flat for people to see…..for people to laugh…….
It's not a good reflection and I should have more faith.....but I just can't help but fear.....

But notwithstanding, all I know is that I’m going to be somebody…….someday……….

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A Girl, A Guy And A Lubricant!!!

So I heard this story over the weekend which got me cracking up. A friend of mine told me a story which her friend told her.
Anyways, her friend wanted to get adventurous with her man and bought some kind of lubricant from Tescos (WTF???? Of all places?) Anyways, on the pack it said that the lubricant should be rubbed on the guy and it stimulates the man more during sex……or something along those lines.
Anyways, so she shows the guy the lubricant and he asks her what it’s for. He not probably being very adventurous wasn’t too down for it but she persuaded him and told him to lie down while she rubbed it on him.
So she rubs it on him and sits beside him and waits for it to get into action. So they sit there for a while and the guy asks her what they were waiting for and when the thing was supposed to kick in. Well after a while, when nothing happened the guy told her to never bring the lubricant back.
She not being very experienced……or knowledgeable, didn’t know that the lubricant was supposed to be used during sex and she wasn’t supposed to wait there like a stop sign for things to happen.

I'm not sure what she was expecting......maybe for the guy to have a self-orgasm or something.....

Anyways, hope you had a great bank holiday weekend!!!


Live and Naked show......

Ok so I went for the live and naked show and it was awesome. The comedians were on point…. 2 face was cool…Paul play was cool…Basket mouth was crazy…Ali baba was a surprise guest and he was great as well…..
It was quite organised…..which was impressive…..I did miss Weird MC’s performance cos I was hungry and left the hall to go to a chicken and chips shop across the road. As I no be VIP, there was no free food for us.
I’ve decided that I need to start going to more Nigerian events and it helps that my flatmate Matilda is a Nigerian events junkie…….
The show did start 2 hours late, but it was well worth it me thinks. I didn’t manage to blag my way to VIP, which was unfortunate so I had to make-do with my slackers corner seat.
So for 20 quid, it was a good show. I’m sorry I can’t go into great detail about the show, it’s cos I’ve got exams starting next week and my head it hot and this blog is the last thing on my mind at the moment, but I finish exams on the 29th of May and I really can’t wait to get them over and done with……so wish me luck…….

On a lighter mood, I heard a story over the weekend, which got me cracking up. One of my friends told me a story about a girl, a guy and a lubricant.

I’ll post the story later today when I get a minute…..


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Burned once before.........

So I'm a sucker for punishment....I’ve decided to go for this show even though I was warned that last year the acts turned up 3am and the show ended at 4am. The main reason I’m going is to see basket mouth, 2-face and Paul Play… that order. So far so good, it’s looking good…..i just hope they show up…..!!!! I mean WTF is up with Nigerians and time keeping??? I mean, it’s ok to be fashionably late, but when you keep people waiting for 3 or 4 hours, that is downright piss taking!!!!!
Anyways, I’m hoping that this year will be different cos I’ve already been burned with that Top Model rubbish (see my blog for the details) and I don’t want to be let down again…….maybe this time there will be good news for you….....and for myself!!!