Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Guest blog.....

TMM Syndrome

Too many rich people are focking up majorly lately, unless you live under a rock in the Gobi desert or something, I’m sure you’ve heard of Linday Lohan’s recent run in with the law. Yes, that dummy was arrested for alleged DUI (alleged ndi nmuo) after she decided to chase someone in a parking lot; and when they booked her, what did they find in her pockets but cocaine. Which kain anuofia be dis ehn? If her parent’s were decent people, I’m sure they would be asking God why they gave them ogbanje instead of human being for a child. Can you imagine the media is insinuating that her Dad’s incarceration for the same offense might be an advantage to her, that she’s genetically predisposed towards alcoholism. Ehn na so? The media apparently has nothing else to report on (hello!!! War in Iraq, genocide in Sudan) so we’ve been bombarded with this LiLo shiat. They want to list the numerous problems the girl has and excuse her for her irresponsible behavior and dangerous action. As far as I’m concerned, the girl has only one problem (aside from needing deliverance MFM style - by fire, by force) she simply has too much money. Yes she is suffering from TMM Syndrome, she has too much money she doesn’t know what to do with it or herself. She simply doesn’t suffer enough, that’s why she’s bringing suffering upon herself in this manner.

She’s not the only one suffering from TMM, I think we all remember Paris Hilton’s recent stint in tushed up Kirikiri. Let’s not forget her now pregnant sidekick, Nicole Richie being arrested for the same DUI thing. This DUI thing na spirit? I mean this chicks know they ate like one celery stick 4 days ago and can’t hold their liquor, why not just hop in a cab, or get a driver? Na by force to drive?

Let it not seem like I’m saying only white (and light skinned enough and believes she’s white) girls in the Hollywood circuit are the only ones suffering from TMM; because they’re not o. TMM Syndrome only doesn’t see race, gender, creed or religion, all it sees is money. Because they’re black men like Michael Vick of Atlanta Falcons who are exhibiting symptoms of the same disease. I mean Mike Vick is arguably the best NFL player in a long time, one of the few black quarterbacks currently in the league (or ever for that matter) and the dude gets caught up in a dog fighting mess. What in the demonic possessed shit is that? Electrocuting animals, starving them, beating them to make them fight each other? I feel sorry for the women that have to screw him sha, because if he gets some sort of entertainment from doing that to animals, I can only imagine the sadistic shit that gets him off. But that’s by the way, because the root of his problem is TMM syndrome. The bobo get too much money, he no dey hustle for garri anymore that’s why he’s focking up like this. R. Kelly is a classic example of TMM, that’s why he pisses on little girls. Tufiakwa! Even in Nigeria, we clearly have people suffering from TMM that’s why you hear all this roundabout gist from time to time. Instead of these people to share, ha ne zuzuali. Hissssssssssssssssssss!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Every answer asks a more beautiful question...

So I’m aware that I have started this blog, and I was also aware that the time would come when I would’nt be arsed to update it and I think that time has come…..but I didn’t think it would come this quick.
But damn there are times when I have no desire to place any new content here. It’s not like there is a lack of information. Far from it!! I totally respect committed bloggers. But I’m not a blogger. I am an occasional blog exhibitionist clearly. Lawl.

So nothing fascinating seems to have happened to me recently…. I have’nt fallen in love yet, I have’nt started job hunting and I have’nt been on holiday. Summer is quickly passing by, and if I don’t check myself, I’ll probably end up doing nothing by the time summer is over.
The weather in London hasn’t been great either….in fact its been horrible. I can swear that we’ve only had two days of sunshine in the last two weeks…..scoffs….

And with bad weather comes depression… if life doesn’t throw enough depressing things at you…….

Well good news from naija……the so called kidnappers have released the 3yr old girl…Thank goodness for that……we can only imagine the fiasco it would have created if something had happened to her…… or if she had died……like naijas image is not bad enough.

Other news is that I went with a couple of friends to the blogger Olawunmis birthday party on saturday….the yellow and red party they called it…….i actually didn’t know till yesterday that he was the blogger…..i just thought it was someones party we gate-crashed. I heard a couple of bloggers were there, but I didn’t meet any of them apart from TaureanMinx. Also Naijafine boy was there as well…..

Thanx to everyone who emailed me while I’ve been missing in action……its really appreciated.

Anyways, so pls understand why I’ve had no motivation to blog…its that damn simple….nothing to blog about.